Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hypocrisy Exposed

I never dreamed the day would come when I would actually see the issue of black preference addressed on MSNBC, also known as Obama Headquarters. Of course it took Pat Buchanon, the token conservative to bring it up this morning. Mika was on a bathroom break or something and Pat was given a window to pursue the tough (but overdue) question to richard cohen.

Pat reveals the assumptions of the typical liberal elitist in a pretty powerful way. The clips speaks for itself.


Chris J. Breisch said...

It's really hard to watch this without laughing. How can people like Cohen not realize how idiotic they sound?

Wayne said...

I'm voting for John McCain because I'm white and he's white. Now contrast that with all blacks voting for Barack because he's black. Hmmm....

How about, I'm voting against Barack because he has the most liberal voting record of all the candidates, and he's black.

Does uppity and elitist mean the same thing?

If Barack was the most conservative candidate since Ronald Reagan would I vote for him? Yes, but I wouldn't like it because he's black. I like voting for white candidates because they look like me and I'm more comfortable, (in general), with them. But when it comes down to conservative principles, I'll take a black conservative or a socialist, liberal white candidate, anytime.